CAS No:100-42-5Molecular StructureSamples
EINECS No:202-851-5100-42-5 PIC-2.jpg100-42-5 PIC-3.jpg
Molecular Formula:C8H8
Molecular Weight:104.15
Density:0.906g/ml at 25 °C
Physical Properties: Styrene is a colorless liquid at room temperature, insoluble in water, and soluble in organic solvents such as gasoline, ethanol, and ether. It is toxic and has a special odor; Combustible, can form explosive mixtures with air; Generally stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse, away from sparks and heat sources, with a temperature not exceeding 25 . TBC polymerization inhibitors are usually added during storage and transportation.
Applications: Styrene is mainly used as a raw material for polystyrene, synthetic rubber, engineering plastics, ion exchange resins, etc