Methacrylic acid
CAS No:79-41-4Molecular StructureSamples
EINECS No:201-204-479-41-4 PIC-2.jpg79-41-4 PIC-3.jpg
Molecular Formula:C4H6O2
Molecular Weight:86.09
Density:1.015 g/ml at 25 °C
Physical Properties: Methacrylic acid is a colorless and transparent liquid at room temperature; Easy to dissolve in hot water, ethanol, and most organic solvents.
Applications: Methacrylic acid is an important chemical raw material that can undergo polymerization and esterification reactions. It is used to prepare methyl methacrylate, coatings, synthetic rubber, adhesives, fabric treatment agents, resins, polymer material additives, and functional polymer materials..