Cobalt bis(2-ethylhexanoate)
CAS No:136-52-7Molecular StructureSamples
EINECS No:205-250-6136-52-7 PIC-2.jpg136-52-7 PIC-3.jpg
Molecular Formula:C16H30CoO4
Molecular Weight:345.34
Density:1.01 g/ml at 20 °C
Physical Properties:Cobalt isooctanoate is a transparent purple blue liquid that is stable at room temperature and pressure, avoiding contact with incompatible materials; Sealed storage, stored in a cool, dry warehouse, away from sources of fire.
Applications:Cobalt isooctanoate is mainly used as a drying agent for paints and inks, a curing promoter for unsaturated polyester resins, a stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride, and a catalyst for polymerization reactions.