Ethylene glycol(EG)
CAS No:107-21-1Molecular StructureSamples
EINECS No:203-473-3107-21-1 PIC-2.jpg107-21-1 PIC-3.jpg
Molecular Formula:C2H6O2
Molecular Weight:62.07
Density:1.113 g/ml at 25 °C
Physical Properties: Ethylene glycol is a colorless, odorless, and sweet liquid with   low toxicity to animals. It can dissolve with water and acetone, but its solubility is relatively low in ethers.
Applications: Ethylene glycol is mainly used as a raw material for producing polyester fibers and polyester plastics, as well as for producing other synthetic resins, lubricants, surfactants, softeners, humidifiers, antifreeze agents, explosives, etc. Ethylene glycol can often replace glycerol and is used as a water agent and solvent in the leather and   pharmaceutical industries, respectively.