Steel pipe is steel with hollow section and its length is much larger than diameter or circumference. It is divided into circular, square, rectangular and special-shaped steel pipe according to the shape of section, carbon steel pipe, low alloy structural steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and composite steel pipe according to the material. According to the production process is divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe. Steel pipe is not only used to transport fluid and powdery solids, exchange heat energy, manufacture mechanical parts and containers, it is also an economic steel.

Main application fields of steel pipe:

1. Steel pipes Such as: water, gas pipe, steam pipe seamless steel pipe, oil pipe, oil and gas pipeline steel pipe. Agricultural irrigation faucet with steel pipe and sprinkler pipe, etc.

2. Steel pipes for hot working equipment. Such as general boiler for boiling water steel pipe, superheated steam steel pipe, locomotive boiler for superheated steel pipe, big smoke steel pipe, small smoke steel pipe, arch brick steel pipe and high temperature and high-pressure boiler steel pipe.

3. Steel pipes for machinery industry. Such as aviation structure steel pipe (round pipe, elliptical pipe, flat elliptical pipe), automobile half shaft steel pipe, axle steel pipe, automobile tractor structure steel pipe, tractor oil cooler steel pipe, agricultural machinery square steel pipe and rectangular steel pipe, transformer steel pipe and bearing steel pipe, etc.

4. Steel pipes for petroleum geological drilling. Such as: oil drilling steel pipe, oil drill pipe (square drill rod and hexagonal drill pipe), drilling, oil pipe, oil casing and various pipe joints, geological drilling steel pipe (core pipe, casing, active drill pipe, drilling, hoop and pin joint, etc.).

5. Steel pipes for chemical industry. For example: petroleum cracking steel pipe, chemical equipment heat exchanger and pipe steel pipe, stainless acid-resistant steel pipe, chemical fertilizer high-pressure steel pipe and transport chemical medium steel pipe.

6. Other departments with steel pipes. For example: steel pipe for container (steel pipe for high pressure gas bottle and steel pipe for general container), steel pipe for instrument, steel pipe for watch case, steel pipe for injection needle and medical device, etc.