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MENA crude steel output in 2019 hits record high for second consecutive year
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Crude steel output in MENA region registered record 84.491 mln tons in 2019, a 4.19 pct increase compared to production level in 2018, according to the statistics published by World Steel Association.

Turkey and Iran have become the eight and tenth largest steel producers in the world, respectively.

Turkey's crude steel output decreased by 9.53 pct to 33.753 mln tons in 2019 YoY.

Iran posted crude steel production figures of 31.898 mln tons in 2019 as compared to 24.520 mln tons in 2018, up significantly by 30 pct YoY.

UAE's crude steel output grew by 2.46 pct YoY to 3.327 mln tons. Saudi Arabian crude steel output decreased by 2.82 pct on-year to 5.093 mln tons. Qatar steel production dropped slightly to 2.558 mln tons in 2019.

Egypt's crude steel output in 2019 was 7.256 mln tons as opposed to 7.807 mln tons last year.

Libyan crude steel output was 606,000 tons as compared to 397,000 tons in 2018.